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November 14, 2023

Integrating insights: merging Digital Shelf and Retail Media data for enhanced results

Success in this new environment requires understanding how digital shelf content and retail media efforts connect to drive product performance. By linking analytics across organic and paid channels, brands can make smarter optimization decisions and get the most from their retail media budgets.
Retail Media Business Intelligence
October 23, 2023

Why Retail Media marketers prefer analyzing their mimbi data in Looker or Power BI

For a holistic and flexible retail media analysis, Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Looker Studio, and Power BI stand out from the crowd.
mimbi product catalog mapping
October 10, 2023

Product Catalog Mapping: why and how to analyze Retail Media performance by product, category, or brand

Let's explore why product-level retail media analysis is so vital for brands and how you can get started mapping your product catalog to unlock greater visibility into performance.
September 25, 2023

How to optimize data segmentation: a walkthrough of mimbi's transformative "Segment" feature

A key capability is mimbi's "Segment" feature, which allows users to restructure their data according to customizable parameters.

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