How it works

A simple solution for AI-powered incremental sales

Transform your retail media activity with our comprehensive end-to-end data platform.
Get trusted measurement, accurate predictions and insightful simulation delivered to your teams with remarkable speed.

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Unlock incremental sales with mimbi

Maximize the potential of your retail media data, beyond clicks and impressions

Mimbi Collect

The power of a single source of truth

Effortlessly bring all your retail media networks, business and market data together for comprehensive analysis and a holistic view of your performance. 

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mimbi share
Mimbi Share

Seamless integration and data visualization

Simplify data sharing and foster a data-driven culture with streamlined processes, empowering stakeholders to access and contribute to a unified data ecosystem.
Unleash the full power of your data and drive intelligent decision-making across your organization, maximizing the value of your retail media initiatives.

Mimbi Intelligence (Soon)

Data-driven decisions for incremental sales

Our intelligent data platform streamlines the process of analyzing your data, saving you time and effort. Harness the power of AI-powered predictions to optimize your marketing mix and spending.

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