Maximizing your retail media investment

Mimbi is building a new retail media solution to harness technology and transform data into actionable insights. As a transparent platform, mimbi aims to empower brands and agencies to make smarter decisions and optimize retail media strategies.

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What is retail media exactly?

Welcome to the dynamic realm of commerce media, where advertising comes alive within the virtual domains of retailers' websites and apps.

Here, brands that sell their products through these platforms and other businesses like those in finance or travel come together, all vying to captivate retailer audiences with their product ads.

They tap into the treasure trove of customer data collected by retailers.

Armed with this wealth of information, retailers serve up laser-focused ads right when shoppers are on the verge of making a purchase, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.

These ads seamlessly weave into the shopping experience, driving conversions and boosting incremental sales for brands.

The rise of retail media in numbers

Retail media is booming and it’s no wonder why. Brands are recognizing the immense value of partnering with retailers to access their invaluable customer data.


of EU brands are using retail media in 2022


EU retail media spend in 2022


projected EU retail media spend in 2026

Navigating the complex retail media landscape

The retail media market is booming, with both online-only players and brick-and-mortar stores launching their advertising networks.

But for now, retail media still has some serious hurdles to overcome. Global and local brands, along with their agencies, are struggling to navigate this space.

Tapping into retailers' audiences while managing budgets across numerous networks can feel like a wild ride, that often leads to stretched budgets, tangled workflows and disjointed performance reports.

We're talking about major challenges, including fragmentation, complex data activation and messy performance reporting, to name just a few.

The visionary approach of mimbi

That's why we've created mimbi.

We’re building a team from the ground up to create the ultimate solution to harness the latest advancements in technology and revolutionize the world of retail media.

As a transparent and neutral intelligence platform, mimbi levels the playing field, transforming raw retail media data into actionable insights.

Our mission is to empower brands and agencies with the tools they need to make smarter decisions, capitalize on their investments, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of retail media.

With mimbi, you'll democratize data, measure campaign effectiveness, access consolidated insights and optimize your strategies for maximum revenue.

Forget about relying solely on ROAS.

Now, you have the power to measure everything, scale everywhere and get the full picture. It's time to conquer the retail media game!

What you can expect from mimbi

Democratized data

We believe that democratizing data is the key to unlocking the full potential of retail media. We’re committed to providing our clients with transparent tools and all the resources they need to succeed.Through our user-friendly solutions and state-of-the-art algorithms, we empower our clients to make informed decisions and drive meaningful results.

Impactful insights

Our team has a proven track record of developing innovative product data tools. We have an unwavering commitment to rolling out new and groundbreaking solutions that revolutionize the way businesses leverage not only campaign data, but true retail ones also. Harness the power of mimbi's cutting-edge AI solutions to unlock growth opportunities for your business.

Incrementality management

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We listen to user feedback, understand their needs, and tailor our solutions accordingly. Together with our customers, we forge strong and lasting partnerships built on trust and robust tools that empower their success.

Ready to join the future of retail media?

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