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TRANSFORM: Empowering non-technical teams with no-code Retail Media Analytics

Frederic CLEMENT
April 9, 2024
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The retail media landscape is exploding with opportunity, but for many brands, agencies, and marketplace sellers, fragmented data remains a major barrier to growth. Crucial campaign metrics often lie siloed across multiple retailers and ad platforms. Manually extracting, cleaning, and combining this data in spreadsheets or writing complex SQL queries is time-consuming and prone to error. But without a unified view of performance, retail media managers can't uncover optimization opportunities and prove impact.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce mimbi TRANSFORM - the easiest way for retail media teams to go from raw data to powerful insights without writing a single line of code. TRANSFORM is a fully no-code data transformation tool that empowers non-technical users to seamlessly clean, organize and extract insights from fragmented commerce data.

Effortlessly transform raw data from mimbi COLLECT

One of TRANSFORM’s key benefits is its seamless integration with mimbi COLLECT - our automated data ingestion tool. COLLECT enables you to efficiently pull raw, granular data from all your retail media platforms, campaign management tools, and other marketing and sales data sources. This includes major players like Amazon Ads, Criteo, Channeladvisor, and emerging retail media networks.

TRANSFORM can be applied directly to these raw data pipelines from COLLECT, empowering you to turn fragmented inputs into custom datasets with just a few clicks. 

Some common use cases include:

  • Aggregating detailed campaign and creative data to the brand and product level
  • Joining advertising data with sales metrics to calculate full-funnel ROAS
  • Segmenting performance by custom dimensions like category, launch date, and promotion

Let's walk through an example of how a CPG brand can use mimbi COLLECT and TRANSFORM to wrangle raw data from multiple retail media platforms into an executive performance dashboard. The brand advertised across various sponsored products,platforms. Each platform provided raw campaign data in different formats - CSVs, APIs, Excel files, and JSON objects.

Using mimbi COLLECT, the brand automatically ingests these disparate raw data files and centralizes them into their COLLECT repository. Then in TRANSFORM, they build reusable recipes to:

  • Map each platform's unique campaign and ad group taxonomies to the brand's naming conventions
  • Aggregate data to weekly and monthly performance views
  • Join advertising metrics with 1P sales data using SKU-level identifiers
  • Calculate core KPIs like Cost per Unit Sold or ROAS

And you can do it in no time, for a wide variety of use cases, without the support of your data team.

Historically, wrangling raw retail media data into an analysis-ready format required deep technical skills. Data engineers and analysts spent hours writing complex SQL queries and Python scripts to extract, transform and load data from various sources. While some BI tools introduced drag-and-drop interfaces, users still needed an understanding of table joins and pivot functions to reshape data.

mimbi TRANSFORM completely reimagines this process with an intuitive, 100% no-code experience purpose-built for retail media and ecommerce. With its user-friendly visual interface, TRANSFORM empowers anyone to execute sophisticated data transformations through simple point-and-click actions.

Go even faster with mimbi SQUARE

SQUARE, mimbi's universal data model for Retail Media
sits at the heart of mimbi's platform. It cleanses and maps raw commerce data to consistent tables and fields across campaigns, ad platforms and retailers. 

SQUARE data forms the ideal foundation for layering on mimbi TRANSFORM. With a standardized starting point, retail media managers can customize datasets and calculations to fit their exact needs even more rapidly.

When you start with harmonized data from mimbi SQUARE, you can focus your efforts in TRANSFORM on the actions that truly move the needle for your business. Instead of wasting time writing complex if/then rules to standardize disparate data formats, you can dive right into crafting metrics, segments, and dashboards perfectly tuned to your goals.

Unlock advanced insights with mimbi

With the combined power of mimbi TRANSFORM and SQUARE, you can achieve more granular and sophisticated retail media insights than ever before. Standardized, unified data opens up a world of advanced analytics opportunities. With mimbi as your unified retail media intelligence platform, there's no limit to the insights you can uncover. Keep an eye out for the next milestones of TRANSFORM, more exciting things are coming!

In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to our team to learn how mimbi can level up your retail media activities.

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