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Brands & Agencies

Measure beyond ROAS and get your campaigns results.

“Unilever, one of the biggest spenders on e-commerce ads, is pushing for retailers to adhere to the same measurement standards.“

Lauren Johnson

Senior reporter, advertising desk

Better allocate your budget and inform the next cycle of your advertising strategy

Focus on what truly matters

Reduce your manual workloads and get things done faster. Analyze and take action!

Define marketing effectiveness

Import and harmonize data at the product, or channel level according to your own standards

Bring precision to Retail Media

Spend your budget wisely, adapt your marketing mix and uncover incremental growth

For Brands

Stop guessing, know what's driving sale and where to shift your budget. With all your data in one place, take back control.

For Agencies

Get everything you need to know about your customers in a consolidated view. mimbi makes your retail media analysis easy!

Say goodbye to disjointed performance analysis

From measurement to modeling, the mimbi platform has you covered

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Bring your retail media networks, business data and teams together, to track performances and generate actionable insights


Organize your data, your way. mimbi allows you to make your retail data consistent, without having to write a single line of code


Visualize and optimize your data in a dashboards that are easy-to-read and always up-to-date. Cloud, BI tools: share your data any way you want


Data integrations

Multi-channel Performance

Augmented analytics

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Data integrations

Multi-channel Performance

Augmented analytics


Data integrations

Multi-channel Performance

Augmented analytics

With mimbi

Go from raw to business-ready data, exactly how, when and where you need them.

“Marketers’ eagerness to activate retailers’ audiences leads to budgets being stretched across too many RMN’s, strained workflows, and disjointed performance reporting.”

Nikhil LAI

Senior Analyst


Mickael Froger

Frederic Clement

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Our manifesto

At mimbi, we believe it is now time for a more comprehensive and modern approach to allow brands and agencies to better measure retail media incrementality and optimize it effectiveness.