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Turn data into your hottest new revenue stream

Mimbi helps you seamlessly share your valuable sales and inventory data to increase supplier adoption and value. mimbi's flexible data model and API architecture allow you to easily expand data sharing as your business partnerships evolve.

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Top retailers love mimbi

Before mimbi
Struggling to tap into the value of supplier data sharing...
Struggle to monetize supplier data sharing
Lack of actionable insights to suppliers
Complex custom integrations to share data
Difficulty for brands to access and analyze data
With mimbi
...new revenue streams while effortlessly empowering brands
High-margin recurring revenue by selling data
Timely data to drive sales growth
Seamless data sharing through automation
Access to retail data within  existing tools


Effortlessly connect and organize all your data along with your product catalog, sales, and other data sources. Mimbi's flexible data model allows you to bring in new data sources as your business evolves.


Forget complex analysis. mimbi's intuitive platform streamlines data harmonization and provides ready insights through customizable dashboards. Focus on strategy instead of manual tasks.


Visualize and optimize your data in customizable dashboards that are always up-to-date. Share your data easily via mimbi, whether you use Cloud or BI tools. Transform intelligence into action to activate growth and success for your business.

Help suppliers maximize the value of your retail data

Provide brands with timely, actionable insights

Mimbi complements your existing data infrastructure. It can ingest, consolidate, and export your data automatically to make it more accessible and valuable to suppliers. Suppliers can then access the data within their core enterprise apps or BI tools.

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Make your data your newest product offering

mimbi makes it simple to package and deliver your data in a way suppliers and brands want to buy. With just a few clicks, you can make your data available to partners through APIs, dashboards, and direct connection to their systems.

Focus on what trully matters

mimbi automates manual workloads, freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters: optimizing your strategy as a seller. Analyze data, uncover AI-informed insights and take immediate action to improve campaign performance. Plus, with seamless data sharing, collaborate effortlessly across departments and with your agency. Achieve greater efficiency, alignment and impactful results with mimbi.

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Elevate your business with cutting-edge Enterprise features

An end-to-end solution for your retail media campaigns. Make every marketing effort count by strategically investing in the right places, backed by data-driven decisions.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Revolutionize your marketing reports with cutting-edge data automation and invest your budget in the right places.

Activity Log Tracking

Unlock the power of clean and connected data with mimbi, leaving behind the chaos of disjointed reporting and silos.

API Integration

Unleash the power of AI-powered insights to effortlessly unlock incremental sales for all your clients.

GDPR Compliant

Get a secure, scalable, and accurate solution for data collection and transformation, harmoniously merging media, sales and market data.

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