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Mastering your product portfolio: optimize campaigns with mimbi

Frederic CLEMENT
July 9, 2024
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Should you discount your products and/or promote them with sponsored ads? Not an easy question, as it depends on several parameters that evolve over time, and as always, the devil is in the details. Transforming your product portfolio into something actionable requires deep insights that go beyond surface-level data.

Dynamic segmentation: the power of SCOPES

mimbi’s advanced retail media intelligence platform empowers sellers and manufacturers to categorize and analyze their catalog with unparalleled sophistication. mimbi’s segmentation allows you to make data-driven decisions to accurately allocate advertising budgets to the most promising products and campaigns. By focusing resources on high-potential areas identified through mimbi’s SCOPES, companies can significantly boost their return on investment.

The journey begins with mimbi COLLECT, which automatically gathers, among other, data from your advertising consoles, marketplaces, inventory management system, and PIM. This ensures you always have the freshest information at your fingertips.

Note: as an extra step, you can also import competitor data (prices, availability…), see our dedicated article for more information.

Next, mimbi TRANSFORM takes this raw data and calculates key metrics like sales velocity to identify trending products, inventory turnover to optimize cash flow, and price elasticity to inform pricing strategy, on top of media KPIs (ACOS, ROAS…). These insights form the foundation for defining laser-focused product buckets, or SCOPES.

mimbi platform

Transforming data into profit

With mimbi SCOPES, you can slice and dice your catalog based on performance. As an example, “Superstars” benefit from high sales velocity and low price sensitivity. “Performers” hold their own, while “Potentials” show promise with the right optimization. “Underperformers” struggle to gain traction, and “Zombies” barely have a pulse.

Performance-based product buckets

The mimbi platform continuously updates SCOPES based on real-time changes in product performance, pricing, and other key variables. This dynamic segmentation ensures your product portfolio always reflect the most current market realities.

What’s more, mimbi’s powerful sharing capabilities allow you to leverage these SCOPES across a wide range of tools, from business intelligence platforms to campaign management software. This means your entire organization can leverage mimbi’s insights to drive better decision-making and execution.

mimbi export capabilities

For example, your marketing team can use mimbi’s SCOPES to create and optimize highly targeted campaigns that resonate with each product segment. And your executives can track the health of the portfolio at a glance, helping to identify discounting opportunities or concerns.

Pricing impact on customer acquisition analysis

By leveraging mimbi’s sophisticated analytics, brands and sellers can transform how they manage their product portfolios. The platform’s advanced capabilities allow you to uncover hidden opportunities, anticipate challenges, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

mimbi equips you with the tools and insights needed to stay ahead of the curve. So why settle for basic metrics when you can unlock your catalog’s full potential? Your profits will thank you.

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