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Mastering Retail Media: 5 ways mimbi TRANSFORM drive (even more!) results (Part 2)

Frederic CLEMENT
April 30, 2024
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In the previous part, we explored five use cases showcasing how mimbi TRANSFORM simplifies data transformations and analysis for retail media managers. In this second part, we will delve into five more use cases that demonstrate the platform’s versatility and effectiveness in maximizing your impact, with 3 of them leveraging data from Digital Shelf Analytics platforms.

Test and learn management

Continuous testing is crucial for optimizing retail media performance, but analyzing tests across multiple retailers and campaigns can be complex. TRANSFORM streamlines the process by allowing you to tag campaigns with test variables and centrally track results.

TRANSFORM makes it easy to monitor multiple tests concurrently across products, audiences, bid strategies, and more.

For example, let’s say you are a marketplace seller and you want to test the impact of different product page image types on conversion rates. Set up a test across your marketplaces, using 3 different image types for each product. Tag each campaign with the image version (e.g. “Image_type_A”, “Image_Type_B”, “Image_Type_C”).

With TRANSFORM, you can then build a dashboard that tracks key sponsored products metrics for each image variant, sliced by retailer and product. As the test runs, you’ll quickly see which images resonate best.

Performance by campaign strategy or type

Not all retail media campaigns have the same goals. Some focus on building awareness, while others aim to drive consideration or conversion. With TRANSFORM, you can easily analyze performance based on campaign strategy to ensure you’re hitting your objectives.

For example, tag all your campaigns as either “Awareness,” “Consideration,” or “Conversion” based on their primary goal. Or, group all your “Sponsored Products” campaigns together, even if they span multiple retailers.

Aggregate performance of your “Awareness” and “Consideration” campaigns, which may focus more on impressions, reach, and click-through rates.

This side-by-side view helps you spot campaigns that aren’t aligned to your strategy. Is a Conversion campaign falling short on sales targets? Tweak the products, bids or targeting. Is an “Awareness” campaign getting solid engagement but not enough reach? Expand your keyword set or audiences.

Weighted share of voice analysis

Understanding your share of voice (SOV) compared to competitors is critical, but not all terms are created equal. With TRANSFORM, easily analyze SOV data from your Digital Shelf Analytics provider, weighted by each keyword’s search volume.

Let’s say you’re a beauty brand looking to boost organic search rank. Pull in weekly SOV data along with search volumes for your top category keywords. TRANSFORM automatically calculates your weighted SOV, giving you a clear picture of how well you’re capturing high-intent traffic.

Spot a high-volume keyword where a competitor is winning an outsized SOV? Now you can act!

Promotion tracking and measurement

Retail media is a powerful tool for amplifying promotions, but measuring promotion effectiveness can be tricky.

With TRANSFORM, you can ingest promotion data like offer type, discount depth, and validity period from your Digital Shelf Analytics partner. Tag your retail media campaigns with the associated promotion ID. Then, build dashboards to analyze how different offers impact ad performance and promotional sales.

As a marketplace seller, you may find that the “20% off” drives higher ad engagement, but the “-30%” delivers stronger incremental sales and ROAS. Armed with this insight, you can optimize your promotional strategy and retail media investment to focus on offers that drive the best bottom-line impact.

Out of stock impact analysis

Out of stocks are the bane of retail media managers’ existence. You invest heavily to drive traffic to a product, only to find it’s unavailable for purchase.

Digital Shelf Analytics platforms monitor stock availability across retailers in real-time. By integrating this data into TRANSFORM, you can understand and mitigate the impact of out of stocks on your retail media campaigns.

Set up TRANSFORM to ingest daily stock availability and lost buy box data for your key products across retailers. Join this with your retail media campaign and ad group performance data. Now you can analyze how out of stocks impact critical ad KPIs like click-through rate and ROAS.


TRANSFORM’s capabilities in test and learn management, performance analysis by campaign strategy, weighted share of voice analysis, promotion tracking, and out of stock impact analysis further demonstrate the platform’s power in maximizing retail media impact. By providing a centralized, user-friendly solution for data transformation and analysis, TRANSFORM empowers retail media managers to uncover valuable insights and drive results without the need for technical expertise. Embracing the capabilities of mimbi TRANSFORM can revolutionize the way you approach retail media management, enabling you to focus on what matters most: optimizing performance and achieving your business objectives. Sky is the limit!

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