The mimbi platform

Advertising and Retail Data: Together At Last

Streamline data integration, analysis, and automation to drive profitable growth across your commerce channels.

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Commerce DNA

Built specifically for commerce data, with a deep understanding of retail media metrics and KPIs.

Active in minutes

Pre-built connectors that allow you to securely import and tweak the data you need quickly.


A powerful no-code engine that enables you to reshape, and export your data without technical expertise.

No lock in

Consume your data in BI platforms, and tools seamlessly. Let the data flow where it counts.


Faster insights from your commerce data

Transforming superficial metrics into meaningful action


Solve data silos

Streamline the integration of your commerce, advertising, and sales metrics is now simpler than ever. With our advanced-yet simple engineering capabilities, you can align your key performance indicators and develop custom metrics tailored to your specific needs.

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Unveil actionable insights

mimbi enables you to effortlessly segment and analyze your data, helping you to transform raw data into meaningful visual insights in no time.


Accelerate your success

Effortlessly track your entire retail media spend from a single platform. Our automated tools help you optimize your actions and minimize cross-channel cannibalization, ensuring your marketing efforts are efficient and effective.

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How it works

Optimize your data with
6 building blocks

Engineered for intuitive navigation and elegant design, the mimbi platform offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines your commerce workflow.

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With COLLECT, you can easily integrate crucial data sources for performance analysis. Integrate data from Amazon Ads, Criteo and more in minutes with pre-built connectors.

COLLECT allows an appliance brand to import campaign and sales data from Amazon Ads & Vendors, and its DTC store in minutes.

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TRANSFORM is the powerful no-code engine that lets you tailor your data to your unique needs without technical expertise. Access a library of pre-built use cases or start from scratch.

A beauty brand uses TRANSFORM to calculate Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) and create custom reports by product line.

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With VISUALIZE, you gain a comprehensive, unified view of your retail media and commerce performance to identify opportunities and make data-driven decisions.

CPG brand uses VISUALIZE to track full-funnel performance of their sponsored product and display campaigns across retailers.

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LEARN provides natural language queries to explore and analyze your data on your terms. You no longer need to rely on technical expertise to uncover the answers hidden within your data.

Brand managers ask LEARN "What were my top performing products on Amazon last week?'" and get an immediate answer.

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SHARE enables seamless, automated exporting of your transformed data to BI tools and data warehouses. Leverage your harmonized data in PowerBI, Looker, Bigquery and more.

Ecommerce director uses SHARE to provide regional sales managers with dashboards showing ad-driven sales and market share growth in their territory

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AUTOMATE streamlines workflows across your  marketing tools , marketing mix modeling, and more for advanced campaigns optimization.
Receive signals for your execution tools.

Agency makes data-driven optimization decisions based on stock-level, price and competition and pushes enriched data feeds to bidding tools.

Use Cases for Marketing & eCommerce teams

Stretch your imagination: mimbi's potential is unlimited

I want to
Accelerate incremental sales
I want to
Unlock the power of unified data
I want to
Gain a competitive edge
I want to
Streamline performance analysis
I want to
Measure beyond ROAS
I want to
Make data-driven decisions for my campaigns
I want to
Accelerate incremental sales
I want to
Unlock the power of unified data
I want to
Gain a competitive edge
I want to
Streamline performance analysis
I want to
Measure beyond ROAS
I want to
Make data-driven decisions for my campaigns
I want to
Invest my budget strategically
I want to
Accelerate reporting
I want to
Get a comprehensive analysis
I want to
Merge media, sales and market data
I want to
Simplify data management
I want to
Get AI-driven insights
I want to
Invest my budget strategically
I want to
Accelerate reporting
I want to
Get a comprehensive analysis
I want to
Merge media, sales and market data
I want to
Simplify data management
I want to
Get AI-driven insights
Introducing SQUARE

SQUARE, your unfair advantage

The most advanced commerce data model

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Automated data integration

An advanced solution for consolidating media, sales and product data across major platforms. SQUARE can adapt to any data source related to campaigns or SKUs.

AI-enhanced analytical precision

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, SQUARE excels in accurately matching and harmonizing data from diverse sources, ensuring data integrity and relevance with normalized fields and metrics.

Extensive data catalog

SQUARE provides a curated data catalog tailored to retail, encompassing all relevant metrics and KPIs, facilitating thorough understanding and effective utilization of data.

Operational efficiency

By automating routine data management tasks, SQUARE offers seamless access to retail media insights, and provides scalability and replicability to global brands and agencies.


Explore our growing list of integrations

We connect your media, sales, product and commerce data and make it available where and how it matters to you.


Cut complexity. Maximize ROI.

Accelerate your growth across online retailers and marketplaces.
Make every marketing effort count by strategically investing in the right places, backed by data-driven decisions.

mimbi for Brands

Driving brands success with SKU-level precision

Gain a comprehensive understanding into the incremental impact of your retail media investments on sales and where to allocate your budget.

Automate your reporting and analysis

Uncover winning ad strategies

Harmonize retail and D2C sales channels

mimbi for Agencies

Have the right conversations
with your clients

Your clients rely on you to plan for their success. Use mimbi for transparent, evidence-based insights to optimize ad budgets and boost sales.

Get a bird's view across clients, in one screen

Cut reporting time, without compromising the integrity of insights

Manage ads for profitability, with specifics for the retail industry

mimbi for Sellers

Optimize your marketplaces' ads

Stop relying on guesswork and gain comprehensive insights into the performance of your campaigns across marketplaces. Refine your sponsored products strategy and budget allocation.

Leverage e-Commerce analytics across-marketplaces

Get all your advertising, sales and product data in one place

Grow sales and maximize profitabiity

mimbi for Consultancies

Shift your focus to strategic decision-making

Data is essential for effective strategic decision-making in today's fast-paced retail media environment. Consolidate your clients' diverse retail and media data sources into a single, centralized platform to streamline access and analysis.

Get data at the speed and accuracy your customers need

Innovate with measurement and optimisation projects

Prioritize data-driven initiatives and insights

mimbi for Retailers

Turn data into your hottest revenue stream

mimbi's flexible data model and API architecture allow you to easily expand data sharing as your business partnerships evolve.

Provide brands with timely, actionable insights

Make your data your newest product offering

Retain your retailer's DNA

From user management to authentification

Entreprise ready

A set of features made for ambitious players

Single Sign On (SSO)

Activity Log Tracking


GDPR Compliant

2-Factor Authentification



With mimbi's intuitive platform and dedicated team, onboarding is a breeze, and running your data analytics becomes a seamless part of your daily workflow.

What are the benefits of mimbi for brands and partners?

mimbi empowers brands and agencies with automated reporting, uncovering winning ad strategies, and harmonizing retail and D2C sales channels through a wide variety of use cases. By providing SKU-level precision, centralized data management, and actionable insights, mimbi enables brands to optimize their retail media investments and drive incremental sales growth.

What is SQUARE?

SQUARE is an advanced unified data model designed to simplify data management and analysis for brands in the retail media and e-commerce landscape. SQUARE streamlines the integration of data from various sources, such as Amazon Ads, Criteo, Amazon, Shopify, and others. It resolves discrepancies, ensures data integrity, and provides a comprehensive data catalog covering business terms, metrics, dimensions, and KPIs.

What if I need an integration that is not listed?

The mimbi platform already offers a wide range of connectors (view most popular ones), with new ones being added every week. However, if you have specific data sources, you can easily import extra data through generic connectors such as files, databases, and BigQuery. Additionally, if needed, custom connectors can be developed to accommodate your unique integration requirements.

Can you share your product roadmap?

While we do not share our detailed product roadmap publicly, we encourage you to follow our blog and LinkedIn page to stay updated on the latest features, enhancements, and exciting developments at mimbi. If you have any suggestions for new capabilities or features that would benefit your business, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

What is the fastest way to get in touch with mimbi?

If you are a prospective customer, the quickest way to reach out is through our contact form available on this website. Our team will promptly review your inquiry and get back to you as soon as possible. If you are an existing client, you have direct access to your dedicated account manager, who is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. You can easily reach out to them via email or schedule a video call to discuss your needs in more detail.

Still have questions?

We are here to help, contact us, now


Ready to break silos?

Datas silos slow your growth. Discover mimbi to make all your channel work together and manage ads for profitability.

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