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Mastering Retail Media: 5 ways mimbi TRANSFORM drives results (Part 1)

Frederic CLEMENT
April 30, 2024
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Retail media managers face numerous challenges when it comes to analyzing campaign performance data. With critical metrics scattered across multiple networks and platforms, extracting and combining this data can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. mimbi TRANSFORM aims to simplify this by enabling users to execute sophisticated data transformations without requiring technical expertise. In this first part, we will explore five use cases that showcase the power of TRANSFORM in maximizing your impact.

This is a series of blog posts, see part 2 and 3.

Custom labels for granular insights

Retail media managers need to analyze data based on their unique business priorities. TRANSFORM’s custom labels make it easy to tag campaigns, ad groups, or products with attributes that matter to you.

For example, let’s say you manage retail media for a DIY brand with multiple product categories. With TRANSFORM, you can tag each campaign and ad group with its associated category: “Drill”, “Sander”, “Screw driver”, etc. Now you can filter performance by category in a couple clicks, making it easy to compare results and allocate budgets effectively.

Custom labels also simplify tracking special initiatives. Having a big seasonal push? Tag all related campaigns with “Holiday 2024” and get an instant, unified view of performance throughout the flight.

The beauty of TRANSFORM’s custom labels is that they’re completely flexible. Slice and dice your data by product line, campaign goal, target audience or any other attribute.

Effortlessly track new product launches

Retail media is critical for new product success, but measuring impact is challenging. TRANSFORM makes it easy by combining retail media data with sales and distribution metrics. KPIs for a new product launch may differ from those used for established products.

For example, say you launch a new snack bar flavor on Amazon. Tag all related campaigns, then build a dashboard to track early-funnel metrics like clicks or sales growth alongside standard metrics like impressions and conversion rates. Easily see which retailer and campaign are driving the strongest awareness, trial, and adoption.

Automate Retail Media KPI calculations

Retail media managers spend hours manually calculating essential KPIs like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACoS). With TRANSFORM, these metrics are automatically calculated and readily available.

Let’s say you’re an agency managing campaigns for multiple clients. Set up TRANSFORM to calculate ROAS and TACoS using each client’s unique margin and return inputs. Now you can easily track and optimize these KPIs across your client portfolio without tedious number crunching.

Seamless regional reporting & benchmarking

Global brands often struggle to make sense of retail media performance across regions. Inconsistent naming conventions and scattered data make apples-to-apples comparisons nearly impossible.

With TRANSFORM, simply tag campaigns by region or country. Then, analyze performance side-by-side in a unified dashboard.

For instance, a global electronics brand can easily compare holiday campaign performance in North America vs. Europe, even if the campaigns have different names. Slice data by region to uncover geo-specific insights like top-performing products or audience segments.

Campaign naming convention compliance

Consistent campaign naming is essential for effective retail media analysis. But with multiple team members launching campaigns, it’s easy for inconsistencies to creep in.

TRANSFORM solves this by allowing you to overwrite naming : define the required elements, formatting, and order for your campaign and ad group names.

For example, say your naming convention for Criteo ads is: [Brand] — [Campaign Type] — [Product Line] — [Date MMYY]. Set this rule in TRANSFORM. The platform will automatically renames campaigns if needed.


TRANSFORM’s capabilities for custom labels, automated KPI calculations, and seamless regional reporting capabilities empower retail media managers to gain granular insights, effortlessly track new product launches, and maintain consistent naming conventions. By simplifying data transformations and analysis, TRANSFORM therefore enables users to focus on uncovering insights and driving results. In the next part, we will explore five more use cases that further demonstrate the power of TRANSFORM in maximizing your retail media impact. In the mean time, feel free to reach out if you want to know more about mimbi (or if you want to know if it can deliver your “crazy” ideas :).

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