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Beyond the numbers: leveraging grouped data for better analysis

Frederic CLEMENT
February 19, 2024
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Retail media data groups

As a brand or agency running retail media campaigns across multiple retailers, accessing and making sense of all that performance data can be a major challenge. You know (and feel!) it, data is fragmented and disconnected.

How can you get a complete view of what’s working and optimize accordingly?There is no silver bullet, but data grouping can be a strong asset in this journey.

With the ability to group your performance data in intelligent ways with mimbi (and then vizualise it in your BI tools) you gain invaluable insights that are simply not possible when looking at each retailer in isolation.

Why (smart) data grouping matters?

Grouping data, especially in the context of retail media and analytics, is crucial for several reasons, each contributing to a more informed, strategic approach to marketing and business decision-making.

It enables to improve activities like:

  • budget allocation
  • performance year-over-year trend analysis
  • product and category performance evaluation
  • geographical targeting
  • efficient resource utilization

As a consequence, grouping data not only sharpens the focus on what matters most, but also empowers decision-makers with actionable insights.

This strategic approach to analysis is essential in today’s data-driven marketing landscape, but it can cover several use cases.

Here are the ones we think are most important.

Concrete examples of how better grouping can help you

Here are some of the key cross-retailer “group by” use cases to take advantage of:

Campaign type

Breaking down performance by campaign type (on-site vs off-site, sponsored product vs sponsored display, etc) lets you see what campaign formats and strategies are working best, across retailers.

This gives you a complete view of your marketing initiatives across markets and brands, and of course something similar can be done at campaign level to assess the impact of a particular campaign across retailers.

Funnel stage

Analyzing performance by funnel stage (awareness, consideration, conversion..) is key to optimizing impact throughout the customer journey. You can see where drop off may be happening in the funnel and adjust targeting and creatives accordingly.

More importantly, you can tailor your measurement grid (and KPIs) to each funnel stage and avoid the trap of evaluating top of the funnel performance with bottom of the funnel KPIs.

Retail Media activities: funnel view

Country and region

Grouping data by geography helps you localize initiatives and personalize experiences. See what resonates where and double down on the highest converting messaging and products for each market.

In addition, budgets are often set by territory; grouping by region is a convenient way to align the CMO’s and CFO’s data grid.


For companies managing campaigns across multiple brands, grouping data by brand provides crucial insights. Identify your powerhouse brands along with those needing more support and tweak initiatives by brand, while keeping an eye on budget invested for each.

Product category

By importing your product catalog into mimbi, you can dive into performance by product category, which enables smarter optimization.

See which products deliver the highest conversions and focus promotion there. Identify low-interest categories to downweight.


Another benefit of our catalogue import capabilities is that by analysing performance by product price point, you can optimise activities based on price and even margin level.

See if lower or higher priced items deliver better results and adjust product promotion tactics and budgets accordingly.

Sky is the limit!

Strategically combining different grouping methods, can unlock even more nuanced performance insights.

For example, a consumer electronics company can increase market share by customizing its gaming accessory messaging by region based on market and brand analysis. Meanwhile, an online furniture brand can optimize conversions through targeted campaigns by funnel stage and price point.

Making sense of retail media data is complex. But with the power of grouping data across crucial dimensions, you gain the actionable insights needed to continuously improve performance. A data platform like mimbi makes this kind of flexible grouping easy, enabling on-demand analysis from any angle. Group your retail media data for smarter optimization and results!

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