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Cut complexity. Maximize ROI.

An end-to-end solution for your retail media activities. Make every marketing effort count by strategically investing in the right places, backed by data-driven decisions.

mimbi for Brands

Driving brands success with SKU-level precision

Gain a comprehensive understanding into the incremental impact of your retail media investments on sales and where to allocate your budget.

Automate your reporting and analysis

Uncover winning ad strategies

Harmonize retail and D2C sales channels

mimbi for Agencies

Have the right conversations
with your clients

Your clients rely on you to plan for their success. Use mimbi for transparent, evidence-based insights to optimize ad budgets and boost sales.

Get a bird's view across clients, in one screen

Cut reporting time, without compromising the integrity of insights

Manage ads for profitability, with specifics for the retail industry

mimbi for Sellers

Optimize your marketplaces' ads

Stop relying on guesswork and gain comprehensive insights into the performance of your campaigns across marketplaces. Refine your sponsored products strategy and budget allocation.

Leverage e-Commerce analytics across-marketplaces

Get all your advertising, sales and product data in one place

Grow sales and maximize profitabiity

mimbi for Consultancies

Shift your focus to strategic decision-making

Data is essential for effective strategic decision-making in today's fast-paced retail media environment. Consolidate your clients' diverse retail and media data sources into a single, centralized platform to streamline access and analysis.

Get data at the speed and accuracy your customers need

Innovate with measurement and optimisation projects

Prioritize data-driven initiatives and insights

mimbi for Retailers

Turn data into your hottest revenue stream

mimbi's flexible data model and API architecture allow you to easily expand data sharing as your business partnerships evolve.

Provide brands with timely, actionable insights

Make your data your newest product offering

Retain your retailer's DNA

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Retail Media Tips & Tricks

Insights and solutions to power your commerce success.

Mimbi platform
April 9, 2024

TRANSFORM: Empowering non-technical teams with no-code Retail Media Analytics

mimbi TRANSFORM - the easiest way for retail media teams to go from raw data to powerful insights without writing a single line of code.

mimbi SQUARE
Mimbi platform
March 18, 2024

Unlocking Retail Media success: Introducing Square

SQUARE is the most advanced data model for Retail Media and Commerce Analytics (Amazon, Criteo...). Take control of your commerce data and move faster.

Ready to break silos?

Datas silos slow your growth. Discover mimbi to make all your channel work together and manage ads for profitability.

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