Updated: JUNE, 2024

Top Retail Media Networks

The retail media sector in the United States is experiencing a surge, with a significant share of the global 200+ retail media networks operating within its market in 2024.
Mimbi's collaborative database is designed to demystify the complexities of the U.S. retail media networks, offering brands a streamlined tool for strategic planning and informed decision-making.

European retail media networks

2024 US commerce media networks database

How big is the retail media industry in the US? How many retail media networks operate there? Who are the top networks in the industry?

The retail media market is booming, with both online-only players (like Amazon or eBay) and brick-and-mortar stores (like Walmart or CVS) launching their advertising networks.

Global/local brands and agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate this space with numerous options like Albertsons Media Collective, Kroger Precision Marketing or Macy's Media Network.

At mimbi, we decided to collect as much data as possible and share it with the community. As this is a fast moving environment, we also expect the community to help us update, correct and evolve this table to make it a collaborative database that everyone can use.

For now, you’ll find more than 80+ commerce media networks from the US, with public data we collect (last update June, 2024) for each of them that you can filter.

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Questions and answers about our Top Retail Media Networks in the United States 2024 list

What are the largest Retail Media Networks in the United States?

In the US, the market is dominated by Amazon and Walmart, however players like Instacart, Target or Albertsons are growing fast with competitive offerings.

How many Retail Media Networks are currently in USA?

To date, we account for more than 80 retail media networks in the US, and that number is growing every day. These networks can be operated by online pure-players and/or brick-and-mortar retailers, using in-house technology or technology from vendors such as Criteo, Citrus or Microsoft.

What geographies are covered by the Retail Media Networks listed on mimbi’s index?

We focus primarily on the US and European markets (top markets are the UK, Germany and France), with partial coverage of LATAM and APAC. Smaller markets are particularly interesting when they are dominated by local retailers that global brands may not necessarily know about. See our full index

What types of businesses can benefit from Retail Media?

For retailers, Retail Media Networks provide a valuable way to monetize customer data and site traffic. For brands or advertisers, Retail Media Networks offer a unique opportunity to reach consumers at critical points in the purchase process, while often providing a more direct attribution of advertising spend to sales.

Where does the data in this index come from, and how often is the list updated?

The data is a mix of technology detected on retailers' websites, data collected from ad tech vendors' websites, and PR and publicly available data. Thanks to the growing retail media community around mimbi, we are getting more and more market insights, that allow us to update data on a monthly basis.

What is mimbi's role in the retail media industry?

Mimbi.io provides a retail media intelligence platform designed to help both brands and agencies better allocate their budgets and inform the next cycle of their advertising strategy. It provides data aggregation to bring together retail media networks, business data and teams in a transparent way.

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