Mimbi Raises €1.5 Million to Revolutionize Retail Media Data Analysis

Mickael FROGER
September 14, 2023
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Retail Media, has announced a funding round with a group  of renowned business angels and funds (Founders Future,  OVNI Capital, Kima Ventures, and Better Angels). This  funding validates the relevance of mimbi's platform to help  brands measure return on investment for their advertising  campaigns on e-commerce sites. The startup also  completes its board of directors with the arrival of  Emmanuel Grenier, former CEO of Cdiscount, and Marc  Menasé, founder of Founders Future. 

With an estimated annual growth of 20%, the Retail Media  market is expected to reach $125.7 billion in 2023 and  eventually surpass TV advertising investments, according to  GroupM. mimbi provides an innovative solution for brands  and agencies to track and optimize the true incrementality of  their advertising campaigns on e-commerce sites.  

Helping brands harmonize and optimize their Retail Media  KPIs 

Founded by Mickael Froger and Frédéric Clément, two e commerce technology experts, the startup has developed a  SaaS platform that leverages advanced data analytics to help  clients make the right strategic decisions in Retail Media  investments.  

This funding round, led by Founders Future and OVNI Capital,  validates the founders' vision and will accelerate mimbi's  commercial development in Europe. 

"Thanks to this funding, we can continue pushing the  boundaries of the market and provide brands with the  information they need to drive growth, particularly by  capitalizing on retailer data," said Mickael Froger.  

Growing with European ambitions 

To support mimbi's ambitions, Emmanuel Grenier, former  CEO of Cdiscount, and Marc Menasé, founder of Founders  Future, are joining the startup's board of directors. 

"We are delighted to welcome Emmanuel and Marc to our  board of directors. The breadth of their experience and  knowledge in commerce is priceless for continuing our  growth and innovation," added Frédéric Clément.  

About mimbi 

Created by Mickael Froger and Frédéric Clément, two experts  in e-commerce technology solutions, mimbi is revolutionizing  the sector through its Retail Media Intelligence platform.  Relying on advanced data analytics technologies, mimbi  enables brands and agencies to make strategic decisions  about their Retail Media investments. www.mimbi.io 

About Founders Future 

Founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Marc Menasé, Founders  Future combines the agility and operational support of a  business angel with the robustness of a fund. Founders 

Future has invested in companies including Lydia, Yuka, La  Fourche, Ezra (US), and Taster (UK). www.foundersfuture.com.  

About OVNI Capital 

Founded in 2022, OVNI Capital is an investment fund based  in Paris focused on providing the first funding check for  startups with strong international ambitions. OVNI Capital  targets companies with a competitive technological  advantage that aims to redefine their markets. Backed by 70  investors who are former entrepreneurs, OVNI Capital  leverages this community to support its companies  commercially and in geographic expansion. www.ovni.vc 

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