The Retail Media surge: 8 data points underscoring its significance

Frederic CLEMENT
September 13, 2023
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Retail media advertising is one of the hottest growth areas in digital marketing. Spending on retail media is surging across geographies as brands allocate more of their ad budgets to this channel. But just how quickly is commerce media expanding and how prominent is it becoming in the overall ad landscape?

In this article, we'll highlight 8 key data points that underscore the rising significance of retail media. From budget shifts to increased investment objectives, these statistics demonstrate retail media's growth trajectory and importance for brands seeking to reach and influence consumers. Whether you're a brand marketer considering retail media or an industry observer, these numbers tell the story of the retail media surge.

The IAB Europe forecast of €25bn for European retail media spend by 2026 shows the rapid growth and importance of this ad channel. Retail media is becoming a major part of marketing budgets.

Retail media being the 4th largest ad medium demonstrates how significantly it has grown as an advertising channel. It is now one of the major media options for brands.

Over half of US brands using retail media for upper funnel objectives shows that they are utilizing it for more than just sales. Retail media can drive brand awareness and consideration.

The budget shifts  highlight that more brands are prioritizing retail media in their marketing mix. It is taking spend from other channels.

Access to 1st party retailer data is a key driver of increased retail media investment. Brands value the audience targeting capabilities.

The Skai survey shows most marketers plan to maintain or increase their retail media spend, underlining its importance to brands. It is a growth area of ad budgets.

Amazon's 77% share of the US retail media market shows their dominance of the space. For US retail media, Amazon is the key player.

The eMarketer forecast emphasizes the rapid growth with retail media spend set to rise at over 30% annually through 2024. The growth trajectory is steep.

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The Retail Media surge: 8 data points underscoring its significance

Dive into the meteoric rise of retail media with 8 compelling data points. Discover why brands are reallocating their marketing budgets to this pivotal ad channel. Retail media isn't just for sales anymore - it's reshaping brand strategies.

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