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Sync your Retail Media Data

Export your Retail Media data to Power BI

With mimbi share, you can streamline the analysis of your retail media campaigns.

Leverage your own business intelligence tools with centralized, harmonized and up-to-date data.

Your retail media landscape is increasingly competitive

With the surge in online shopping, it's imperative for brands and manufacturers to stay a step ahead. Utilizing digital retail advertising data in BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI is key.

Yet, challenges arise with manual data pulls, stale information, and inconsistent analytics from various retail media networks, often leading to misaligned data formats and structures. A holistic solution like mimbi can be your game-changer.

Maximize your data’s impact in MS Power BI

Through seamless integrations with top-tier business intelligence tools like Power B I, Looker or Tableau, mimbi shares offers real-time data synchronization for prompt reporting. This ensures you get a comprehensive view of all vital retail media metrics, including the ability to delve into historical data.

The platform's detailed data granularity eradicates the need for tedious manual exports and wrangling, streamlining dashboard and report updates. Furthermore, its multi-source analytics capability merges retail media data with other key datasets, such as product catalogs and market data, providing a unified perspective that enhances your ROI.

See how brands and agencies maximize their efficiency with mimbi.

About Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a dynamic business intelligence tool that provides marketing and business analyst teams with an intuitive platform to visualize, analyze, and share insights from their data.

With seamless integration with multiple data sources and robust data modeling capabilities, teams can quickly transform raw data into actionable insights.

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