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Sync your Retail Media Data

Import your Google Analytics (GA4) data into your Data Warehouse & BI tools

With mimbi collect, easily gather performance data from Google Analytics 4 and other data sources. Leverage your own stack for advanced retail insights and visualization without bothering your IT team.

Navigating the labyrinth of integrated retail data

Brands struggle to measure the true ROI of their marketing campaigns as analytics and labor-intensive reporting from disparate sources clutter the landscape.

While there's a strong interest in digging deeper into data to improve performance across retail media platforms, the technical skills required to build and maintain complex data integrations often prevent marketing teams from achieving their goals.

Unlocking the power of Google Analytics data

Google Analytics is widely used by brands for their D2C websites and by retailers themselves. In addition to traffic data, sales-related data is available with GA4 e-commerce events. With integrated Google Analytics data, you can leverage the power of your existing technology stack to gain deeper insights and vivid visualizations without investing heavily in technical expertise.

In addition, our cross-platform analytics feature consolidates Google data with other data sources (retail media networks, product catalogs, sales, market data...) for a holistic view that leads to improved ROI. Mimbi collect allows you to fine-tune your retail strategies, providing a panoramic view for fast, informed decisions and reducing reliance on IT.

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About Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is a comprehensive web analytics service that tracks and reports on website traffic, user behavior, and engagement patterns such as orders. By integrating with other Google services, Google Analytics provides a holistic view of both online advertising ROI and organic content performance.

GA4 emphasizes event-based tracking, integrates machine learning for insights, and prioritizes cross-platform measurement and user privacy, distinguishing it from the session-centric approach of the previous version, called Universal Analytics.

With mimbi, benefit from unified Google Analytics data from:

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