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Sync your Retail Media Data

Sync your Retail Media data with BigQuery

With mimbi share, save time and automate the analysis of your campaigns.

Leverage your own Data warehouse with unified and customized retail media data.

Your data is spread across too many different systems

Navigating the challenges of manual data extraction, dealing with outdated information, and grappling with fragmented analytics across various retail media networks can severely hamper your business growth. Even if you've modernized with a cloud data warehouse infrastructure like Google Cloud Big Query, integrating and consolidating your data can still be a time-drain. A solution like mimbi streamlines this, effortlessly merging your retail media data into your warehouse, saving you both time and hassle.

Custom data modeling and enrichment, in your Google Cloud environment

Mimbi's integration platform is a powerful asset for maximizing the value of your retail advertising data, leading to enhanced ROI. It not only seamlessly merges retail media data with diverse sources like product catalogs and sales, but also channels this consolidated information into premier data warehouses like BigQuery, Snowflake and Microsoft Azure. With its rich historical data access and detailed granularity, mimbi offers a one-stop solution for storing and analyzing pivotal retail media metrics, ensuring campaigns are fine-tuned for peak performance. Moreover, the platform's ability to provide analysis-ready, harmonized data means you can dive straight into insights, bypassing tedious manual data preparations.

Note: In mimbi, Big Query can also be a data source from which we collect data.

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About Google Big Query

Google BigQuery is a fully managed, serverless data warehouse solution that empowers marketing and business analyst teams with lightning-fast SQL analysis across large data sets.

It allows teams to focus on deriving insights without managing infrastructure, ensuring that data-driven decisions are both timely and accurate.

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