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Sync your Retail Media Data

Sync your Amazon Data (Vendor, Seller, Ads) with your Data Warehouse & BI tools

With mimbi collect, simplify the consolidation of performance data from Amazon Ads, Seller Central, Vendor Central and other networks.

Leverage your own tech stack for advanced in-depth insights and data visualization.

Managing the complexity of optimizing retail media  campaigns without a complete view  

The retail media landscape has never been more fragmented, creating challenges for  your business.

Brands like you need to effectively leverage digital retail data to  succeed, but manual data extraction and disjointed analysis from multiple data  sources (ads, sell-in, sell-out...) are hindering progress.

Manual reporting is no  longer an option, but technical resources are limited and expensive. mimbi collect, a robust retail-specific business intelligence integration platform, helps you bridge the  gap.  

Leverage all your Amazon data for better results

Retail media is all about retail. Mimbi collect enables you to unlock the full  potential of your Amazon Ads investment and performance data from other networks through seamless integration with Ads, 1P and 3P data sources.

With real-time data synchronization, you can access up-to-date, unified performance  metrics from multiple networks and visualize them in your own tools.

Store and analyze historical data, optimize campaigns with advanced granularity, and make data-driven decisions faster and with less reliance on IT.

By consolidating  data from Amazon and other networks with additional data sources, you gain a  holistic view that leads to improved ROI and increased efficiency.  

See how brands and agencies maximize their efficiency with mimbi.  

About Amazon  

Amazon operates an extensive e-commerce ecosystem.

Businesses can sell on  Amazon either as a Vendor, where Amazon buys and resells their products, or as a Seller, where they list and sell products directly to consumers through the Amazon Marketplace, while advertising tools like Amazon Ads and Amazon DSP allow brands to promote products and reach audiences both on and off  Amazon.  

With mimbi, benefit from unified Amazon data from:  

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